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Geomaterials and Geotechnical Modeling


Research conducted in the laboratory "Geomaterials and Geotechnical Modeling" fit into the perspective of the "Geotechnical Multiscale" from the grain to real structure. They are based on two outstanding facilities, large equipment and a platform for analysis and experimentation on geomaterials:

  • The Geotechnical Centrifuge and its complementary equipment (Robot Simulator Earthquakes) is the major test facility in France for modeling Physics Geotechnical scaled. It is also used for testing macrogravity on various materials (aeronautics, medical, ...).

  • The experimental platform on geomaterials comprises two elements:

    • The Experimental Soil Mechanics pole brings together most of the experiments assigned to the hydro-mechanical characterization (including research on the phenomena of fatigue) natural soils or redesigned, industrial by-products or sediment, in the works Geotechnical (retaining, foundation) and earthworks (dykes, infrastructure platform)
    • In partnership with the Institute of Materials of Nantes, The Imaging pole and physical chemistry allows the observation of soil at scales ranging from the micrometer and millimeter leading to the identification of the reactions between the components, especially in the processing of fine soil.


The GMG-GERS laboratory is developing research on:

  • Compaction and soil treatment for earthworks or building
  • Waste recovery (co industrial, sediment, rubble, ..)
  • Soil reinforcement, soil fatigue
  • Physical modeling in Geotechnics
  • The foundation under complex loading (eg wind turbine foundations)
  • The physical chemistry of natural soils and treated

The GMG-GERS laboratory also contributes to expertise in geotechnical and dissemination of doctrine (training, standardization, writing guides).